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Provides Relief of any Pain

A new analgesic has been developed by scientists from Biysk Institute of Chemo-Energetic Technologies (IPCET) Siberia District RAS in cooperation with colleagues from Tomsk State University (TSU).

Glyoxal was used as raw material for the new product called Tiovurtsin. The industrial technology of its synthesis was developed by chemists from Tomsk State University.

Preclinical studies at Research Institute of pharmacology and regenerative medicine named after E.D. Goldberg, have shown that the new analgesic helps relieve pain syndromes of different etiology, thus helping fight any pain. The duration of action is longer than that of other analgesic drugs. Positive effects include the fact that long-term administration of the drug does not induce drug dependence, it has no effects on respiration, does not excite central nervous system, i.e. is free of side effects.

Patent for development has already been obtained. Researchers are planning to implement the project within the Pharma 2020 Federal Target Program.

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