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Increased Chances for Recovery

BIOCAD has developed a drug for treatment of neutropenia – a dangerous complication of chemotherapy in cancer patients. The drug has been approved by the Russian Ministry of Health and soon will be available for Russian patients.

Pegylated filgrastim  is an original drug developed by Russian scientists. It is based on a molecule with innovative structure — empegfilgrastim.

According to vice-president of BIOCAD Roman Ivanov, one dose of empegfilgrastim may replace a course of injection of non-pegylated G-CSF.

Thanks to its unique structure, the drug includes a molecule of  polyethylene glycol with molecular mass of 30 kDA. It has been circulating in blood for a long time, providing significant therapeutic effect. Pegylated filgrastim by BIOCAD meets all standards of safety, a single dose will help comply with the schedule of chemotherapy without delay, thus maximizing the chances for cure.

Clinical trials helped study effects and safety of empegfilgrastim and non-pegylated filgrastim in patients with breast cancer. Empegfilgrastim was administered at a single dose, non-pegylated filgrastim – daily up to 14 days. Results have shown high effectiveness and safety of the original drug. The rate of bacterial infections in the non-pegylated filgrastim group was 10%, while in the BIOCAD group no infections occurred. No significant differences in the adverse event rate were observed..

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