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To Improve Bioavailability

The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics and European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences published study results of Solution Chemistry Institute (SCI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Russian chemists achieved success in solution of the problem of increased bioavailability of drugs. They obtained new pharmaceutical salts of ciprofloxacin with three organic acids: maleic acid, fumaric acid and adypic acid. Their crystalline structure was studied using X-ray structural analysis. Besides, they analysed solubility of the above mentioned compounds and the speed of dissolution in buffer solutions with physiological pH (1.2 and 6.8). It turned out that at gastric pH of 1.2 the rate of dilution of salts of ciprofloxacin fumarate and ciprofloxacin maleate exceed the rate of dilution of the commercial form of the same antibiotic. In a medium with pH of 6.8 in oesophagus all the three modified forms of ciprofloxacin are characterized by a 33, 20 and 7-fold higher solubility versus pure drug compound. It was concluded that the new crystalline salts of ciprofloxacin are more promising forms of that antibiotic.

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