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Shvabe Device to Help Oncologists

A complex for treatment of neoplastic disorders has gone industrial scale at a Shvabe Holding company JSC Zagorsk Plant of Optical Mechanics (JSC ZPOM) a joint venture with JSC Firma Technosvet.

This complex helps destroy metastases, tumors and pathologically abnormal tissues. The device has the following mechanism of action. During surgery needle electrodes are introduced into the tumor under control of ultrasound scanner. High-frequency electric current goes between the working and the neutral electrodes and the tissue  next to the operating unit of the device is heated to 100°С (information on the temperature of working electrodes appears on the monitor), causing death of cells. Internal surfaces of the working part of the electrode are cooled with water, supplied with a peristaltic pump to avoid carbonization of tissue. It is a minimally invasive procedure, it leaves no scars, and patient quickly gets well.

Shvabe device will provide good assistance to oncologists. Many cancer centers already take interest in the new device.

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