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Compulsory Licensing: the Question is to be Resolved

Amendments to legislation enabling compulsory licensing of some drugs have been introduced. Igor Artemiev, Head of FAS, Russia, announced the amendments at the Russian Week of Competition, held in Moscow Region on September 26-28

Speaking on the need for such step, the head of the administration provided examples of abuse of patent protection, where the share of brand and monopolization through intellectual rights for one and the same chemical formula , which leads to increase of a price for a drug several-fold, which makes the drug unavailable to many terminally ill patients. “It is not just a social problem, it is a dangerous history and trend” , resumes the head of FAS.

At the same time he noted, that by the end of patent protection generics emerge, and prices at tenders, may experience a twofold or threefold reduction.

Issues of compulsory licensing can be considered within this framework of reasoning, as it concerns life and health of people.  Besides, the mechanism of compulsory licensing is not a Russian invention, it is functioning in many countries, e.g. in China, India, South Africa.

“The public function of the state is to save and protect its citizens, stresses head of FAS. WE are doing the same thing, by preparing such legislation”.

That point of view is supported by the government. Speaking at an extended meeting of the Board of Federal Antimonopoly Service RF, the first vice-premier minister Igor Shuvalov called to legislate the compulsory licensing of drugs.

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