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Drug Manufacturers Sign a Memorandum

It may seem that a memorandum on mutual understanding signed by large players of the pharmaceutical market is a professional issue. But it is only a superficial view of the event.

Actually, the fact that pharmaceutical manufacturers managed to come to a common denominator, it will eventually positively tell on each Russian citizen. The dispute frequently does not allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to present a united front against half-backed decisions or insufficiently elaborated regulatory acts hampering development of the pharma market and enlargement of the pharmacy offer. Such failure to tell all negatively impacted the access to drugs, prices, and healthcare system on the whole

Now that Professor Leonid Roshal as the head of National Medical Chamber (NMC) managed to pool the pharma associations, while its representatives signed a Memorandum on mutual understanding, the situation will change to the better. It is enough to say that that document was signed by the Leaders of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM) Victor Dmitriev, Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) Vladimir Shipkov, Rosmedprom Association  Yuri Kalinin, International Medical Devices Manufacturers Association (IMEDA) Sergey Kolosov, National Pharmaceutical Chamber Elena Nevolina and National Immunobiological Company Maryam Hubieva. Representatives of the MoH of Russia, Roszdravnadzor and FAS representatives were present at the ceremony of signing the agreement. They confirmed the readiness to cooperate with professional associations.

Principles declared in the memorandum, comply with the goals set by the country leaders to the whole healthcare system. The professionals will deal in collecting information about adverse effects of drugs and medical devices, struggle against counterfeit and falsified drugs in the pharmacy stalls, constrain as much as possible the price increase for drugs and medical devices.

The Coordination Council will address the specific issues.

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