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Industrial Pharmacy: Professional Standard Developed

The notion of industrial pharmacy has not yet been introduced into the curriculum of higher institution. However, soon the situation will change.

Modern Russian pharmaceutical industry urgently needs specialists in the field of production of drugs with managerial skills. A professional standard has been developed for training of experts in Industrial Pharmacy. A draft of decree On Approval of Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education for Training on 33.04.01 Industrial Pharmacy (Master’s Degree” has been posted at the web-site of regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

According to the draft, training of specialists within the advanced training program irrespective of the educational technologies used, requires two years of full-time education and two years and a half of off-campus training.

As a result of training experts will master a complex of knowledge and skills for research, administrative, engineering and manufacturing activities in the field of pharmaceutical manufacture.

The experts should master collection and analysis of data in the corresponding field, plan the work and choose methods of solution of the tasks, organize the activity of the team and management of implementation of tasks. Besides, the specialist in the field of industrial pharmacy should be prepared for drug life cycle management activity according to good practices. The expert must be able to analyze data on the team activity, effectiveness and performance, stability and sustainability of technological processes and laboratory tests. The key competences of experts include management and monitoring of technological processes and laboratory test in the field of drug production, control of observing the technological discipline.

Appropriately trained experts will play a significant positive role in development of Russian pharmaceutical industry.

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