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Work of EAEU Pharmacopoeia has Begun

The work of Pharmacopoeial Committee of EAEU has begun. Its first meeting was held on February 2-3. The Pharma Committee of the EUES is going to form Union Pharmacopoeial standards. The pharmacopeia will be the second largest global regional pharmacopeia after the European Pharmacopoeia. It will be compiled based on benchmark global practices. It is required to ensure access to effective and safe drugs to people in the EAEU member countries.

“Pooling pharmacopoeial standards of EAEU member states will enable effective development of the Eurasia market of drugs”, stressed Elena Sakanyan, Chairman, Director of the Center of Pharmacopoeia and International Cooperation of the Research Center of Expertise of Medicinal Products at the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.

It is suggested, that participants of the European Drug Quality Control Directorate and US Pharmacopoeia will participate in the project as observers.

The EAEU Pharmacopoeial Committee will have to make extensive efforts to  approve 189 general pharmacopoeial articles (monographs) to be included in the first volume of the Union Pharmacopoeia.

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