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Radiopharmaceuticals – Full Cycle Production

Manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals will be oraganized at Cyclotron Center of Nuclear Medicine”  being established in Ekaterinburg by a ROSNANO portfolio company PET Technology and Ural Federal University. The corresponding agreement has already been signed by chairman of UC ROSNANO LLC Anatoliy Chubais, Governor of Sverdlov Region Evgeniy Kuyvashev, Rector of Urals Federal University  Victor Koksharov and Yuri Pronin, General Director of PET Technology.
Full technological cycle of production of radiopharmaceuticals, starting with isotop production, will be localized at Sverdlov Region. To that purpose, according to Anatoliy Chubais, the new structure is being created. Cyclotron Center of Nuclear Medicine will conduct research with the help of colleagues from the Urals Federal University, helping increase the number of quotas for treatment of patients using budget funds.

PET Technology Diagnostic center in Ekaterinburg opened in March, 2016. But radiopharmaceuticals required for diagnostics of patients are currently delivered from Ufa by helicopter or special purpose vehicles, which is expensive. That is why it was decided to establish production of radiopharmaceuticals in Ekaterinburg in cooperation with UrPU, where currently Cyclotron TR24 by Canadian Firm Advanced Cyclotron Systems is being prepared for launch, which will produce ultra-short-lived (PET) and long-lived (SPECT) isotops.

Early in 2017 it is planned to certify manufacture according to GMP and launch of radiopharmaceuticals.

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