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Marketing Authorization Discontinued

Russian Ministry of Healthcare took a decision to discontinue marketing authorization of Multi-tabs Immuno Plus by Ferrosan (Denmark) and exclude from the public list of drugs.

This drug is a “brand twin” of  a food supplement marketed in pharmacies. Representatives of the company recognize that the medicinal drug with that name is not supplied to Russia.

Marketing authorization of the drug and food supplement under similar names is a trick which helps manufacturers of vitamins overcome limitations on advertising of food supplements. Advertising of food supplements, unlike that of medicinal drugs,  should not contain information on therapeutic properties of the product. It turns out that the drug is being advertised, while pharmacies sell only food supplement, which consumer mistakes for a medicinal drug.

It looks like everything is all right, for it is not prohibited to authorize food supplements under brands of already authorized medicinal drugs.  And nobody is left as a loser, for officially authorized and checked food supplements do not bring harm, if taken as recommended.

But is the “brand umbrella” really needed? Who else may use this trick in the future? This issue needs consideration at the level of regulating public authorities.

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