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Let’s make it fast

Thanks to super-fast procedure of modeling of protein interactions suggested by Professor of Innopolis University Yaroslav Kholodov, it will be possible to abandon expensive laboratory tests and entirely pass to computer simulation. This invention will help significantly extend the horizons of search for interacting molecules, extend the landscape, accelerate enumeration of possibilities and increase the accuracy of prediction.

According to Yaroslav Kholodov, the procedure suggested by him will enable full withdrawal of expensive laboratory tests and entire crossover to computer simulation.

The currently available software helps perform successive monitoring of configurations individually, but are not able to perform concurrent simulation, therefore the test takes a few days and requires powerful supercomputers. Using procedure suggested by professor Kholodov, the test will take not more than 15 minutes. Besides, additional interrelated functions of interactions of different proteins may be found.

Development of a new drug will now be significantly less time-consuming than before. The new procedure may help accelerate discovery of drugs against cancer, HIV and other serious diseases.

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