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Secret of Licorice Root

A way to improve bioavailability of drugs by dozen-fold has been developed at the V.V. Voevodsky Novosibirsk Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Burning (ICKB).

Scientists offer to use glycyrrhizic acid obtained from licorice root  as a delivery vehicle. That chemical compound forms an envelope around drug molecules, enhancing their solubility and ability to penetrate cell membranes, increasing bioavailability of drugs by dozens or even hundreds of times.

Tests on laboratory animals have shown that glycyrrhizic acid potentiates effects of drugs against high blood pressure and arrhythmia lappaconitine and nifedipine, enabling dose reduction by dozens of times.

Glycyrrhizic acid has been established to be able to increase water solubility and stability, i.e. susceptibility to air degeneration of natural  antioxidants – carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin used in ophthalmology.

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