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Siberian Researchers Offer a Cancer Detection Test System

Scientists from the Krasnoyarsk Medical State University offered a low-invasive method of simultaneous identification of a few oncomarker proteins in human plasma. It is a test-system for lung cancer detection. Researchers from the Tomsk State University joined their colleagues from Krasnoyarsk. They are developing a new test-system together, which will help detect six oncomarkers in patient’s blood, accelerating the detection and making it more reliable.

The test-system being developed by scientists from Siberia is represented by a chip with golden electrodes, connected to six various aptamers (parts of DNA molecules, capable to form stable bonds with various oncomarkers). Blood plasma is spread over the chip. If it contains specific proteins, they are bound to DNA for 30 minutes. After that scientists read the signal of aptamers. Different signals will be observed in case of oncomarkers or other results.

“Our objective is to obtain, process the signal and to calculate the error”, explains Anastasia Shabalina, Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Novel Materials and Promising Technologies of the Siberia Physico-Technological Institute established under the TSU.

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