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Lower Toxicity, Higher Efficacy

The drug for treatment of cancers has passed preclinical trials. The drug is under development since 2003 by scientists from the Siberia State Medical University.

An innovative concomitant medication Polistan is a biologically active polysaccharide, a component of acorus calamus, a widely spread plant in the Western Siberian region. Its active component obtained from the roots of the plant, is degraded in the human gastrointestinal tract. That is why the new product reducing the toxicity and improving the effects of treatment will be introduced into the body in the form of injections. Drug development is supported by a grant within the Federal Target Program Pharma  2020. Preclinical studies were conducted at the Technology Utilizatin Center (TUC) of SibGMU and Research Institute of Pharmacology.

Polistan in combination with various cytostatic drugs significantly improves effects of cytotoxic therapeutic agents of cancers. Therefore therapeutic effects of cytostatic treatment is achieved with lower doses of cytotoxic agents, which leads to a lower toxic effects of these agents.

Thanks to the new drug patients with cancer will be better tolerating chemotherapy.

Negotiations with industrial partners will soon begin.

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