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Save a Mile from Development to Implementation

An interesting discussion has been recently held in Tomsk, where the Technological Upgrade and Research and Technology Advancement Monitoring Center of the All-Russia People’s Front held an offsite meeting “Russian Scientific Contribution into Improvement of the Quality of Life of Russian Citizens: Effective Healthcare”.

The significance of the problem was stressed by Vladimir Putin, Russian President and the leader of the All-Russia People’s Front in his Address to the Federal Assembly:”Activity of Research Centers should be closely integrated with the system of education, economy, hi-tech companies. We should turn our research experience into successful commercial products. It’s always been a problem for us, as it takes too much time from development to the market. This trend should be reversed”.

Experts of NTR Center, activists of the People’s Front, as well as representatives of professional community, discussed the problem of practical use of Russian Developments.

Talking on the ways to implement hi-tech developments into  practice, participants of the meeting reported that the absence of strategic focus on the part of the government and no assignment for specific developments on the part of the business will hamper practical implementation of original technologies of drug and medical equipment production, developed by our researchers. Researchers set goals  which cannot always meet the needs of the real sector of economy and healthcare system. That is why demand for their products. It only widens the gap between offer of the Russian science and healthcare requirements in new technologies.

Marketing of new research developments are also hampered by quite unclear procedure of marketing authorization of new drugs and medical devices, which may take years and more, leading to missed opportunities and outdated technologies.

Study participants suggested that expertise be a stand-alone process and turn it into an open dialogue between the expert and researcher. They suggested to legalize the use of information systems for expertise, speeding up the process of approval of documents and increasing its transparency. Expert comments will be available for discussion, in a situation of dispute research community may be attracted for solution of the issue.

Electronic document flow will help avoid the loss of time. Coordination of the procedure of expertise with modern information technologies will help speed up bringing new inventions into practice.

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