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A Decision Worthy of Solomon

Prices for cheap drugs (below 50 rubles) will not increase. Discussion of various variants of pharma industry support –from  increasing of prices from the lower cost segment to direct sponsorship of drug manufacturers from the vital and life saving drug list, a decision to keep prices and subsidize wasteful production was made.

For that purpose the Government of th Russian Federation reserved 4 bln rubles. The description of action in economics, considered at the meeting of the Russian Government it is said that the cash will be directed at the implementation of the program of support of local manufacturers of drugs of lower price segment (below 50 rubles) by providing subsidies for reimbursement of part of expenses related to manufacture of vital and life saving drugs of lower price segment by limited list of such products”.

Besides, the plan provisions for development of special  procedure for indexing of prices for drugs of lower price segment (below 50 rubles), manufactured in Russia. The volume and source of financing will be determined in the process of budget execution.

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