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Drug Production Turns Industrial Scale

Federal State Budgetary Institution Scientific-Research Institute of Influenza, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is performing clinical trials of a new antiviral drug Triazide, developed by the Chemical-Technological Institute at the Urals Federal University. The drug is intended for treatment of influenza and ARI. Phase one clinical trials have already begun, phase two will begin in autumn, during seasonal epidemic of respiratory infections.

Triazide is an azoloazine drug. “These compounds structurally remind natural DNA or RNA compounds, clarifies director of influenza institute Vladimir Rusinov.- Probably that is the reason why they exhibit physiological activity”.

It should be reminded, that manufacturers from Urals two years ago  launched a drug of that group – Triazavirine. It is effective against 15 types of influenza virus, including swine (A/H1N1) and avian (H5N1) influenza. Later it was found that its coverage is higher. Now  Triazavirine will be studied in Brazil in 10-20 patients infected with Zika virus.

Currently the center of pharmaceutical technologies of the Urals Federal University  is developing an antiplatelet agent. A new chemical compound which has become a basis for a new drug has already been patented. The agent was developed by a group of scientists under management of Academician Oleg Chupakhin, scientific supervisor of the Institute of Organic Synthesis at the Urals Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The substance protects people from radiation, besides, as the study has shown, it is a potent antiplatelet agent, prevents platelet agglomeration in the blood of patients. It is also important to note, that the drug has no gastric toxicity, does not irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach. Preclinical trials of the new drug have already begun.

A new drug against sepsis is already being developed with a grant given to the Chemical and Technology Institute, as well as a levofloxacin generic, with original technology being developed by the Urals Federal University.

In conclusion,  research on development of new drugs is acquiring an industrial scale.

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