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Patients Are Concerned about the Fate of VED List

The problem of forming lists of Vital and Essential Drugs and Essential Drugs, as well as the list of Minimum Pharmacy Stock, already discussed at our site, has not been resolved yet.

Yesterday, Russian National Union of Patients published an open letter to the President of the Russian Federation, signed by co-chairs of the Russian Union of Patients Yan Vlasov and Yuri Zhulev. It discussed concerns over the patient community on lists of drugs for medicinal use to be left unchanged in 2017.

The letter, in particular, reads, that based on results of open voting,  of 146 submitted drugs it was decided to include 24 drugs for treatment of the most socially significant and life-threatening nosologies, including metastatic renal cancer, progressive hormone dependent prostate cancer, relapsed remitted multiple sclerosis, local advanced or metastatic lung cancer, breast cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, metastatic colorectal cancer, acute heart failure. However, at the last meeting of the commission of the Ministry of Health held on 15.11.2016, it was decided to leave the List of VET for 2017 unchanged because of severe macroeconomic situation in the country. It is, as stressed by the authors of the letter, contradicts point 7 of the procedure of forming lists of drug substitution, specified by the Statement of the Russian Government No 871 of 24.08.2014 and infringes the constitution of the Russian Federation, limiting the patient’s access to innovative highly effective therapy of severe disorders.

Authors of the letter request that the country leader takes measures to include the 24 innovative drug into the VED, ED lists and minimum pharmaceutical range in 2017.

Besides, authors of the letter request that rotation of the membership of  Commission of the Russian Ministry of health be performed to form Lists of drugs based on a formula including equal number of representatives of federal executive authorities and representatives of professional healthcare community and include a few representatives of patient community into the Commission.

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