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UMNIK Supports

Development of a new immunobiological drug is ongoing at the Institute of Biology of Tyumen State University. The project is managed by a postgraduate student Svetlana Kolyvanova. The technology developed by her opens wide horizons for production of effective, environmentally friendly and competitive pharmacological agents with high immunomodulatory and regenerative effects.

Prospects of the new drug have been acknowledged to be so significant, that the project was supported by the Federal Fund for the Promotion of the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere, its program UMNIK.

Curiously, the new product is based on exometabolites of Bacillus sp. Isolated from multi year frozen rocks. It is planned to isolate fractions of exometabolites of paleobacteria with established immunomodulatory and regenerative effects. Hence the suggested potential of the biological product to stimulate reactions of the immune system. The time will show whether the expectations of scientists are correct.

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