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Unprecedented experience: State Corportation LABMGMU passes an audit by international auditor FormaliS

LABMGMU is the first Russian contract-research organization (CRO) that has passed an inspection by a well-established international auditor, a transnational company FormaliS (formalis.com).

FormaliS is an expert in inspections of pharmaceutical companies and institutions conducting preclinical and clinical trials of medicines, biotechnology products and medical devices. Audits by this company help build a good reputation in the international pharmaceutical community.

“It is the first Russian company that I signed a contract on an audit inspection with”, says Jean-Paul Eycken, FormaliS CEO. – The very fact that its management requested an audit testifies to its expertise and lays the foundation, secure base for development of the organization. The audit helps assure the sponsor of full compliance of the studies conducted with the legislation and international standards.

Contract research organization LABMGMU is a commercial institution, an expert in conduct and organization of clinical and preclinical trials of medicinal drugs and food supplements.

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