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To Be on Time Before Recess

Russia again faces the problem of non-pharmaceutical circulation of psychotropic drugs. There is already experience for solution. For example, the problem of desomorphine drug abuse was solved in 2012 thanks to Government Resolution No 599 regulating sales of codeine-containing drugs which are the basis for desomorphine only on prescription. The volumes of codeine containing drugs were thus decreased by 30 times. But drug abusers switched to Lyrica, pregabalin, tropicamide, cyclomed and other drugs with similar properties.

As of October 1 last year according to a decree of the Ministry of Health for pregabalin, tropicamid and cyclopentolate, control measures were established, and the insignificancy of penalties is covered by fantastic profits of pharmacy institutions that continue to violate the rules of drug circulation. Chairman of coordination council for protection of Russian citizens from drugs, alcohol and tobacco abuse of the public chamber Sultan Khamzaev remarks that  a real epidemics of pharmaceutical drug abuse is growing in regions. Victor Ivanov, Head of State Antidrug Committee, suggested to include the drugs into one of lists of drugs and psychotropic substances. “We intend to approve the ban before summer recess”, he remarked.

The procedure of sale of the above drugs is going to be significantly complicated. Interdepartmental commission with participation of representatives of Federal Drug Control Service, Ministry of Health and other institutions took a decision on inclusion of some of these drugs into a list of drugs that require registration, including Lyrica and cyclomed, which it will be possible to buy only on presentation of a single use prescription of a doctor which should be archived at pharmacy for three years.

On approval of draft of low on supplementing the list of drugs subject to special accountability with pharmacy-sold narcotic drugs (pregabalin, cyclopentolate, tropicamide) by the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development, it will be handed for signature to the head of the Ministry of Health.

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