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Asthma Drugs to be Manufactured in Russia

Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI) approved Business Projects of expert council, two of them concerning pharmaceutical industry and manufacture of medical equipment. Within project “Organization of manufacture of laser medical perforators Erbilight” it is planned to launch industrial scale production of stationery laser perforator Erbilight intended for non-invasive puncture of finger skin by laser radiation (in 1/4000 second under focused ray an even microchannel in tissue is formed, to collect blood for analysis). Microchannel heals quickly, which is particularly important for patients with diabetes requiring regular control of blood glucose levels. Within the project “Creation of State-of-Art Pharma Manufacture of Drugs for Treatment of Pulmonary Disorders” it is proposed to organize manufacture of the whole  range of modern drugs for treatment of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders and other lung disorders. The project is quite important for Russia, as currently there are very few locally manufactured drugs for bronchial asthma in the market, most of them are imported from Europe, USA and Israel.

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