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DNA purification – According to a New Protocol

Laboratory of molecular diagnostics of Alcor Bio, a largest biotechnological holding in the North-West of Russia, one of the leading local manufacturers of reagents for enzyme immunoassay, producer of new cell technologies, announced completion of development of a new protocol of DNA purification by express-metod using “Express DNA Bio” by State Corporation Alcor Bio.

DNA is extracted from whole blood and biopsy samples without prior sample preparation, and requires 200 µL of blood,  “Express-DNA-Bio” kit and just 15 minutes. Biopsy samples are treated in the same way, only homogenized tissue (100-150 mg) is used instead of blood. Within the 15-minute lysis cycle protein complexes are denaturated, cells are destroyed, and then, after lysis and centrifuging abundantly precipitate. The resulting supernatant contains pure DNA suitable for PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

Express-extraction based on temperature lysis is a method enabling to obtain a nucleic acid preparation suitable for PCR in the shortest time. The key benefit of the method of sampling is the speed of procedure. The Express DNA Bio kit is suitable for DNA extraction from 100 samples, the length of procedure of extraction is not more than 15 minuts. Currently it is the only Russian kit allowing to extract DNA from dry spot of blood. Besides, Extra-DNA Bio is intended for quick and effective DNA purification from blood serum/plasma, whole blood, saliva, urine, epithelial cell scrapes from cervix and urethra.

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