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A wasteless environmentally friendly method of obtaining a substance of creatine phosphate, an effective cardioprotector, improving myocardial metabolism in muscular tissue, has been suggested by Belarus researchers. Employees of the drug biochemistry laboratory at the Research Institute of Physical and Chemical Problems of Belarus State University developed a production technology, ensuring the absence of emission of dust, gaseous, liquid and solid products into the atmosphere. Its advantages include high yield of the target product – creatine phosphate which, by its purity, heavy metals content, effects and safety excels the well-known Italian analogue Neoton Alfa Wassermann. But the Belarus product is much cheaper.

A patent of the Republic of Belarus has been obtained for the new way of synthesis of creatine phosphate. That development obtained a golden medal of “The Best Innovative Project and the Best Research Innovation of the Year” award at the Saint Petersburg Technical Fair. Manufacture of Creatine Phosphate has been launched at Farmland.

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