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Explosive for Peaceful Purposes

Hexaazoisovurcitane – a component of rocket fuel and explosives will be the basis of new analgesic.

The drug is developed in Tomsk, more specifically in National Production Center “CT” and at Scientific Research Institute of Pharmacology responsible for the pharmacological part of the development. The project involves Biysk Institute of Chemical and Energetic Technologies (IPCET) of Siberian District, RAS. All of them are in technological platform “Medicine of the Future”, established in 2011.

The new analgesic affects opioid receptors and, according to developing companies, would not cause tolerance. But much was ahead. Currently tests in animals are peformed, demonstrating  the most active substances that may form the basis of analgesic agent. Process operation procedure for substance synthesis has been developed, components of the new tablet for pain relief are determined. Toxicity of the new substance, its specific activity and many other aspets remain to be found. Clinical trials may be started the soonest two years from now.

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