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Genetic Effect

The question concerns pharmaco-genetic analysis. It will help determine how sensitive is each specific patient to a drug. For example, well-known aspirin, which is often recommended for thrombosis prevention, does not always cause the expected effect.

To assess the expected effect of a specific drug scientists suggest that polymerase chain reaction is to be used. Head of Clinical Pharmacology Department, Director of Research Innovative Union Saratov State Medical University, Vladimir Baturin, MD, PhD told about the new method. He said, that it will help diagnose certain variants of enzymes involved in drug metabolism, i.e. destroy them or, otherwise  activate them in the body.

“Warfarin (anticoagulant), widely used in a number of cardiac disorders, was shown to cause more pronounced effects in some patients, versus those, where it undergoes faster metabolism. It is genetically determined. That is the way research is currently introduced into practice”.

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