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Effective Delivery

Scientists from the National Research Technology University Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys developed nanospheres to deliver drugs into neoplastic cells of cancer patients.

It refers to the boron nitride nanospheres. Their benefits include their morphological structure:  a large cavity is found inside the nanosphere (up to 90 nanometers in diameter, with wall thickness of 10 nanometers), and at the outer side – well-developed surface in the form of villi – graphene-like petals of boron nitride. It helps enlarge the surface area and load the spheres with the required dose of medicine which penetrates nanospheres.

The drug acts in the following way: nanoparticles of boron nitride are captured by cancer cells through membranes, and then enter cytoplasm and nucleus of cells, where the drug is released and begins to act.

The technology proposed by researchers from the NRTU MIS&A will help significantly increase the effectiveness of antineoplastic treatment.

In vitro tests of nanocontainers with drug have been successfully passed at the Russian Blokhin Oncology Scientific Center. Now scientists are looking for a technology of target delivery of drug impregnated nanospheres to the affected organ.

The development is patented in Russia. It is planned to obtain a patent within the PTC (Patent Cooperation Treaty) system.

The next step of the project will include preclinical and clinical tests of the drug.

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