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4000 Times More Effective!

A drug for treatment of thrombosis has been developed at Saint Peters burg National Research Institute of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University). It is 4000 times more effective than common thrombolytic agents.

The drug developed by researchers from the ITMO University in partnership with Saint Petersburg Municipal Marian Hospital is a radio-guided agent. It consists of porous magnetic base and a thrombolytic enzyme enclosed into it. The solution of nanoparticles of the new product, targeted at clot using a magnet, may disintegrate blood clots in the body up to 4000 more effectively than the current thrombolytic agents. The new development will enable reduction of the dose of the drug by  dozens of times, thus avoiding many of the side effects.

One of the key objectives of emergency aid in thrombolytic conditions is to resolve the clot as fast as possible. It should be accomplished in four and a half hours, because then the tissues left without blood flow will be lost. But even if the clot is lysed in due time, complications are possible. Thrombolytic agents are distributed along the whole circulation, and body defense starts to block the foreign protein, and it quickly loses its activity. That is why the drug has to be administered at high doses, so that at least its smallest portion has access to the site of the clot.

The new drug will change the situation.

Reseachers have created a material consisting of a magnetic porous base and an enclosed protein – urokinase, widely used in medicine as a thrombolytic agent. It helps deliver the enzyme for targeted clot lysis without adverse effects on the body. This composite may be suitable for production of coating for artificial vessels to prevent clotting, and stable injectable solutions with nanoparticles easily localized at the site of the clot using magnetic field force. By the way, the magnetic carcass ensures protection of the enclosed protein from various circulating inhibitors..

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